Universal Declaration of Human Rights
50th Anniversary Campaign

Book signers as of June 1998

United Nations
High Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson
President of the Republic, Mr.Rexhep Mejdani; the Premier Minister ofAlbania, Mr.Fatos Nano signed the pledge on 18.03.1998. In the book he wrote: With full support and solidarity for AI mission and contribution on human rights defense all over the world. The next day the pledge was signed by the Minister of Interior Mr.Neritan Ceka and the Minister of Education, Prof. Dr. Ethem Ruka.
The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo; Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo (Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo)
Mr. Fernando de la Rua (Mayor of Buenos Aires City, and Presidential candidate), Human Rights Commission of Buenos Aires City, French- Argentinian Association, French Missing in Argentina Association, Mr.Federico Luppi, Mr. Joan Manuel Serrat, Ms Ana Belen, Mr. Victor Manuel, Mr. Miguel Rios (Spanish singers), Mr. Leonardo Sbaraglia, Mr. Ivan Noble, Mr. Luis A.Spinetta, Mr. Ricardo Mollo, (Los Divididos),"Fun People" musical group, Mr.Miguel Rep.
Deputies: Mr. Alfredo H.Villalba, Ms Marta Oyhanarte, C.T.A Secretary of Humans Rights (The biggest Trade Union), Argentinian Actors Asociation, A.R.G.R.A. (Photographers' Asociation of Argentina, trade union), U.T.P.B.A (Press Asociation of Argentina, trade union), C.T.E.R.A. (Education Trad e Union) Ms.Marta Maffei (Campaigner for the education in Argentina), CORREPI (Asociation against the police repression); Fernando de la Rua mayor of Buenos Aires, Marta Oyhnarte (politician), Juan Manuel Serrat (singer), Miguel Riomusician with JMS, Ana Belen, Victor Manuel. Mick Jagger.
Prime Minister John Howard; South Australia Premier John Olsen; The Hon. Elizabeth Evatt, UN Human Rights Committee member; Human Rights Commission President Professor Alice Tay; Human Rights Commissioner Chris Sidoti; NSW Premier Bob Carr; Democrats Senator Natasha Stott-Despoja, Cheryl Kernot; NSW Director of Public Prosecutions Nicholas Cowdery, South Australia Supreme Court Justice Perry; Tasmanian Supreme Court Judge Pierre Slicer; Hazel Hawke; NSW Members of Parliament; Governor General of Queensland Major General Peter Arnison; Jim Fouras QLD MP; Sen Andrew Bartlett; Sen Margaret Reynolds;
Diplomatic representatives of Mexico, Finland, Austria, Chile, South Africa, Kuwait, UK, Romania, Sri-Lanka, Philippines, Thailand, Croatia, Italy, Poland, Denmark, and the Netherlands
Rugby league player Ian Roberts; Ian "Molly" Meldrum; singer Wendy Matthews; folk band Tiddas; TV presenter Bert Newton; folk singers Peter, Paul and Mary; Cartoon Connection star "Agro"; American hip hop band Spearhead; American blues singer Iris DeMent; Brisbane Broncos; Roy Slaven (aka John Doyle); Reg Mombassa (Mambo artist; Mental As Anything (musician); Canadian singer/songwriter Bruce Cockburn; folk singer Margaret Roadknight; Died Pretty; Ed Kuepper; Michelle Shocked; The Wiggles; Deborah Hutton; Phillip Adams; national radio presenter Sandy McCutcheon; solo yachtswoman Kay Cottee; National Executive of Australian Confederation of Trade Unions.
Reverend Tim Costello, prominent community leader and activist; Music guru Molly Meldrum; TV presenter Bert Newton; Nouria Salehi, Order of Australia recipient and Afghani women's refugee worker.
Australian Bands; Leonardo's Bride, Tiddus, Custard, The Whitlams, Sidewinder, The Tokyo Shock Boys.
President Thomas Klestil, Chancellor Viktor Klima, Vice-Chancellor and Foreign Minister Wolfgang Schuessel, Minister for Women, Barbara Prammer; Elisabeth Gehrer, Minister for Education; Franz Fischler, Member of the European Commission; All the members of the Vorarlberg Provincial Government and Parliament; Rainhard Fendrich, Wolfgang Ambros and Georg Danzer, a trio of Austrian popstars who have come together recently to raise money for homeless people in Austria.

Mr. Abdul Matin Khasru, the honourable Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs signed the pledge book on 22 Febuary 1998 at the National Press Club, Dhaka.
Prince Philippe, Prime Minister, King Albert II, Foreign Minister Mr De Rijke, Minister of Defence M. Poncelet, Minister for Finance M Maystadt, Minister for Development M. Moreels
President of the Flemish Parliament Norbert De Batselier
Bert Anciaux, Patrick Vankrunkelsven, Nelly Maes, Karim Van Overmeire, Marianne Thyssen, Karel De Gucht, Marc Verwilghen
Mayors Detiège for Antwerp and Annie De Maght for Aalst
City Council of Waregem
Writers Brigitte Raskin, Benno Barnard, Guido Van Heulendonck, Kamiel Vanhole, Stefaan van den Bremt
Singers: Ed Kooyman, Luc De Vos (Gorki), De Nieuwe Snaar
Journalists: Liesbeth Walkiers, Dirk Draulans, Dirk Tieleman, Frieda Van Wijck

Prime Minister Jean-Luc Dehaene and the Ministers Grouwels, Chabert, Kelchtermans, Van Parys, Van den Brande, Martens, Van Rompuy
Ministers Baldewijns, Van den Bossche, Jan Peeters, Leo Peeters and Tobback
City Councils of Landen and of Bree.
General Mathieu KEREKOU, President de la Republique du BENIN; The President of the Supreme Court, Maitre Abraham Zinzindohoue
Aung San Suu Kyi, leader of democracy movement

Members of U2; John Polanyi (Nobel Laureate), Edward Bell (Canadian Council of Churches), Jean Claude Parrrot (Candian Labour Federation), Al Torbit (Assembly of First Nations), Elin Weinstein (Grand Council of Crees, Quebec), Roberta Jamieson (Ombudsman for Province of Ontario); Lloyd Axworthy (Minister of Foreign Affairs), Joan Grant-Cummings (head of National Action Committee on the Status of Women), Loreena McKennitt (internationally known Celtic musician)
Wei JingSheng
President of Croatian Academy or Arts and Sciences, Ivan Supek. The women's magazine called "Career Woman" elected "Woman of the Year" Vesna kare Obolt, who is also the Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Croatia.
President of Cyprus, Mr Glafcos Clerides.
Czech Republic
Vaclav Havel and his staff.
Faroe Islands
The Prime Minister (Lagaman) and almost all members of the government.
Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mrs Tarja Halonen
Palden Gyatso, a Tibetan former POC who spent 33 years in Chinese prisons
Leaders of The Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions (1.2 million members)
Head of State, Jacques Chirac
Prime Minister Lionel Jospin
Laurent Fabius (former Prime Minister and Socialist leader), Simone Veil (former minister who fought for the women's issues), Catherine Trautmann (spokesperson of the government and Ministre of Cultural Affairs), Jack Lang (former Socialist Ministre of Cultural Affairs and Socialist leader).
President Roman Herzog
Wei Jingsheng
Turkish writer and composer Sanar Yurdatapan
Federal Ministers for Development and Justice
Nigerian Noble Prize Winner Wole Soyinka
Gunter Grass (a famous German author)
Hungarian author Georgi Konrad
Iranian author Faraj Sarkuhi
Salman Rushdie
President Konstantinos Stefanopoulos
Prime Minister Konstantinos Simitis
Leaders of all political parties
Two thirds of the Greek MPs (200 out of 300) including:
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Theodoros Pangalos; the Minister of Education and Religion, Yerassimos Arsenis; the Minister of Agriculture, Stefanos Tzoumakas; the Minister of Health and Welfare, Konstantinos Yitonas; Deputy Foreign Minister, George Papandreou; Deputy Minister of Interior, Public Administration and Decentralisation, Stavros Mpenos; Deputy Minister of the Environment, Country Planning and Public Works, Christos Verelis; Deputy Minister of Education and Religion, Ioannis Anthopoulos; Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Dimitrios Sotirlis; Deputy Minister of Employment and Social Insurance, Christos Protopappas; Deputy Minister of Health and Welfare, Emmanouil Skoulakis; Deputy Minister of Culture, Andreas Fouras; Deputy Minister of Transports and Comminications, Emmanouil Loukakis; and Deputy Minister of State, George Paschalidis.
Minister of Labour and Social Insurance, Miltiadis Papaioannou; Minister of Interior, Public Administration and Decentralisation, Alexandros Papadopoulos; Minister of Public Order, Georgios Romeos; Minister of Development, Vasso Papandreou; Minister of Culture, Evangelos Venizelos; Deputy Minister of Financial Affairs, Drys Georgios; Deputy Minister of National Economy, Alexandros Baltas; Minister of Commercial Shipping, Stavros Soumakis; Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Insurance, Nikos Farmakis; Deputy Minister of the Environment, Country Planning and Public Works, Theodoros Koliopanos; Deputy Minister of Interior, Public Administration and Decentralisation, Lambros Papadimas; Deputy Minister of Development, Michalis Christochoidis; Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Vassilis Yeranidis; Deputy Minister of National Defence, Dimitrios Apostolakis.
More MPs: Alexandros Papadoggononas, Ioannis Karakostas, Elsa Papadimitriou, Rodoula Zissi, Theodora Bakoyanni, Theodoros Katsikis, Anastasios Peponis.
Singers: Tania Tsanaklidou, Nikos Papazoglou, Nikos Ziogalas, Theodosia Tsatsou, Petros Theotokatos, Bands: George Dimitriadis and Little Heroes, the Pyx Lax, Natasha Atlas, Ypoyia Revmata, Endelehia, Trypes, Active Member.
Brian Lara, West Indian Cricket Team Captain, Mick Jagger, Eddie Grant Minister of Education, Chief Education Officer, Director of Curriculum Unit, Deputy Director of Curriculum, Headmasters and Headmistress, many teachers, a few lecturers at the university, Regional Education Officers, Director of the Teachers' Training College, Deputy Director of Probation and Welfare Services Art critics, Amerindian (indigenous) Touchaus (leaders of communities/regions), (Arawak, Akawaio groupings to date, we expect more from other regions), UNICEF/UNESCO reps., Leaders in the Guyana Council of Churches, the Guyana Islamic Trust, the Bahai community Training officers from the Guyana Prison Service, the Guyana Defence Force and the Guyana Police Force, Members of the print/tv media, Exec.mbrs. of the local human rights association(GHRA), Voluntary youth Corp.
President Arpad Goencz
President Mr. Olafur Ragnar Grimsson and 43 out of 63 members of the parliament
At the opening of the Body Shop campaign the major of Reykjavík and Eighteen members and staff of the city council have signed as well.
Mr. Karl Sigurbjornsson, the Lutherian bishop, signed and so did 100 lutherian priests at an annual conference.
Megawati Sukarnoputri and jailed trade union activist Muchtar Pakpahan

President Ezer Weizmann of Israel; The Hon. Ehud Olmert, Mayor of Jerusalem; The Hon. Roni Milo, Mayor of Tel Aviv; The Hon. Amram Mitzna, Mayor of Haifa
President Oscar Luigi Scalfaro of Italy;
Norberto Bobbio, a famous Law professor at the University of Turin, life-member of Parliament and philosopher.
Walter Veltroni (Vice Prime Minister) - Stephan Dismitura (Italian Office of United Nations) - Marco Aldegheri (President of Italian Volkswagen Company) - Piero Badaloni (Presid ent of Lazio Region) - Marco Taradash (member of Italian Parliament) - Vincenzo Gasparri (member of Italian Parliament) - Luis Sepulveda (writer) - Isabel Allende (writer) - Dacia Maraini (writer) - Maurizio Costanzo (journalist and TV manager) - Cristina Parodi (Tv journalist) - Simple Minds (singers) - Khaled (singer) - Antonello Venditti (singer) - Beppe Grillo (actor)
There are also 7 (seven) local authorities that have approved resolutions in support to UDHR Campaign and the members of these bodies have signed the pledge.
Mr. Prodi; the Vice Prime Minister, Mr. Veltroni; the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Dini; the Minister of Justice, Mr. Flick; the Minister of Post and Telecommunications, Mr. Maccanico; the Minister of the Finance, Mr. Fantozzi; the Minister of Equal Opportunity, Mrs. Finocchiaro; the Secretary of D.S. Party, Mr. D'Alema; the secretaries of the three main Trade Unions, Mr. Cofferati, Mr. Larizza and Mr. D'Antoni; the Representative of U.N. for Italy, Mr. De Mistura; other parlametarians; the philosopher Norberto Bobbio; the President of Italian Jewish Community, Mrs. Zevi; the TV journalists Mr. Costanzo and Mrs. Parodi; the radio journalists Mr. Foa and Mr. Forbice; the stylists Mrs. Biagiotti and Mr. Mattiolo; the musical group Simple Minds; the film directors Mr. Argento, Mr. Salvatores and Mr. Tornatore; the singers Khaled, Mr. Venditti, Jovanotti, Ligabue; the actors Mr Gullotta; the actress Mrs. Guerritore and Mrs. Villoresi; the sportwoman Mrs. Compagnoni; the managers Mr. Aldegheri (Volkswagen Italy); Mr. Vercellone (NIKE Italy), Mr. Musumeci (Spalding Italy), Mrs. Rod dick (The Body Shop), Mr. Jonge Poerink (Benetton); ex prisoners of conscience Mr. Palden Gyatso and Mr. Wei Jingsheng.
HRH Crown Princess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg
Dr. Luis de la Barreda Solórzano, Presidente de la Comisión de Derechos Humanos del Distrito Federal; Miembros del Consejo de Asesores de la Comisión de Derechos Humanos del Distrito Federal.
Néstor de Buen, Miguel Concha Malo, Rolando Cordera Campos, Amalia García Medina, Olga Islas de González Mariscal, Soledad Loaeza Tovar, Carlos Llano Cifuentes, ngeles Mastreta; Cristina Pacheco, Luis Rubio Freidberg; Lic. Ricardo Esponda Gaxiola, Presidente de la Unión Nacional de Padres de Familia; Lic. Gustavo Garrido y Rodríguez, Director del Centro Cívico; Fr. Alejandro Castillo, Director de la Comisión Franciscana de Justicia, Paz y Ecología; Lic. Victor Manuel Charles Noriega, Rector de la Universidad del Pedregal Lic Teresa Jardí, Defensora de Derechos Humanos; Lic. Patricia Marín, Presidenta de la Acción de Católicos por la Abolición de la Tortura, México; Mariana Villaverde, Representante de CETI (organización interuniversitaria de jóvenes); Lic. Ricardo Saldaña, Coordinador Nacional de Campañas de Acción de Católicos por la Abolición de la Tortura, México; Fr. Luis M. Acosta, Profesor del Instituto de Filosofía y Teología de los Franciscanos; Andrés Castellanos, Centro de Orientación, Formación y Atención Popular; Lic. Ario Higareda, Académico de la Universidad Iberoamericana Para evento próximo con organizaciones de jóvenes universitarios;
Beatriz Gómez, Centro Juvenil de Integración Comunitaria; Sergio Rodríguez, Libertad, Responsabilidad México; Ana García de Letona, CETI Movimiento Interdisciplinar e Interuniversitario
Fernando Aboitiz, Libertadores; Edgar Chavez, Caravana Mexicana "Para Todos Todo"
Iñogo Orvañanos, EDUCA; Juan Manuel Sánchez, Campos Misión Universidad Intercontinental
Wili Jímenez, Jefe de Edecanes Gente Nueva; Jacob Sánchez, Amnistía Internacional Coordinación de Jóvenes; Excmo Sr. Adrian Beamish y Sra. Embajador del Reino Unido en México
Sr. Jan Jaap Van De Velde, Encargado de Negocios de la Embajada de los Países Bajos
Sr. Allan Culhman (Ministro Consejero de la Embajada de Canadá); Sr. Hans Bernhard (Consejero Político de la Embajada de Alemania); Sr. Daniel Acosta y Sra. Marcela Salazar
Representantes de la Embajada de Estados Unidos de América; Sr. Marc Plum, Segundo Consejero de la Embajada de Francia; Lic. Claudia Acosta (Universidad Panamericana); Dr. Julio Labastida, Instituto de Investigaciones Sociales de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México; Lic. Ana María León, Partido Acción Nacional; Lic. Mónica Cuevas y Lara, Museo Nacional de la Intervenciones; Lic. Rosa María de la Peña, Enlace con Instituciones Públicas y ONG s de la Comisión Nacional de Derechos Humanos
Prime Minister Abdelrahman Alyusofi

Surya Bahadur Thapa, Chairman of RPP
Girija Pressed Koirala, Prime Minister and the chairman of NC
Manmohan Adhikari, Leader of opposition party and chairman of CPNUML
Krishna Prased Bhattarai, Former PM and the leader of NC
Ramchandra Paudel, Speaker of Parliament
Beni Bahadur Karki, Chairman of National Assembly
Sahana Pradhan, Chairman of CPNML
Bam Dev Gautem, GS of CPNML and Deputy PM
Rajashor Devkota, Chairman of RPP(naya)
Khum Bahadur Khadka, MP
Govinda Raj Joshi, Home Minister
Achyut Krishna Kharel, Inspector General of Police
Dhundi Raj Shastri, Minister
Arjun Narsing K.C., Minister
Kamal Thapa, MP

RPP -Rastriya Prajatantra Party
CPNUML -Communist Party of Nepal United Marksest Leninest
CPNML -Communist Party of Nepal MArksest, Leninest
NC -Nepali Congress
MP -Member of Parliament
PM -Prime Minister

Prince William Alexander, Prime Minister Wim Kok, Minister for Development Jan Pronk, former Prime Minister Ruud Lubbers, Netherlands National soccer team
Turkish human rights activist Sanar Yurdatapan signed up while visiting the Netherlands.
Dutch television crew visited Indonesia and collected in the name of Amnesty the signatures of Muchtar Pakpahan and Megawati Soekarnoputri.
All Dutch medal winners of the Olympic Wintergames signed including the gold medal winners Ids Postma, Gianni Romme and Marianne Timmer.
New Zealand
Sir Peter Blake (yachtsman)
Sir Howard Morrison (entertainer)
Don McKinnon, Minister of Foreign Affairs & Trade
John Luxton, Minister of Lands, Commerce, Fisheries
Nick Smith, Minister of Conservation, Corrections
H.E Martin Williams, British High Commissioner
H.E. Josiah Beeman, American Ambassador
H.E.Valerie Raymond, Canadian High Commissioner
H.E. Dr Antonino Provenzano, Italian Ambassador
H.E. Dr Jon Tikivanotau M. Jonassen, Cook Islands High Commissioner
H.E. Esekia Tomon, Papua New Guinea High Commisioner
Franz Schneider, Swiss Attache
Dame Kate Harcourt (actress)
Steven Kearney (rugby league player)
High profile trade unionist have signed the petition: the son of the general secretary of Nupeng Frank Kokori (his name is also Frank Kokori); the wife of the general secretary of Pengassan Milton Dabibi; the former member of the Nigerian Lab.
Dr Beko Ransome-Kuti, Human Rights Defender recently released from prison on health grounds. One of the 28 defenders that feature in UDHR campaign.
The following signatures were colleted at the Council Meeting of the Socialist International in Oslo 18-19 May: Gladys Mwadwanda and Dan Msowoya (Malawi); Win Khet (Burma); Anna Curdova (Czech Rep.); Sigrid Marinell (Austria), Josefine Diakite (Angola); Audrey McLaughlin (Canada); Roni Alasor, Abdul-Razzaq Misya, Dr. Mohammad Ismail and Mansour Vafa (Kurdistan); Luis Fernando Duque; Antonio Jose Pinillos A. and Alegria Fonseca B. (Colombia); Jezef Krumpelee and Janslav Rima (Slovakia); Hom Raj Damar (Nepal); Prof. Abdulvagabova S. (Azerbaijan); Guillerma Estévez Buero (Argentina); Todeusz Swiwske (Poland); Silvino Da Luz (Cape Verde); Hilda Ngangmuta (Cameroon); Sylvie Guillavie (France); Ligia Doutel de Andrade (Brazil); Mirjana Feric-vac (Croatia); Lim Guan Eng (Malaysia); Peter Treichel (Germany); Evert Svenson (Sweden); Gordon Mwakitabu (Tanzania); Richard Dimech (Malta); Halziw Bouagache (Algeria); Joel Freedman (USA); Natalja Kljuzeva (Estonia)
Nobel Peace Prize Laureat 1997 Jody Williams; Prime Minister Mr Kjell-Magne Bondevik; President of the National Parliament Ms Kirsti Kolle-Grøndahl. President of the Supreme Court of Justice Mr Carsten Smith; Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr Knut Vollebek; Minister of Justice Ms Inger Aure and Minister of Development and Human Rights Ms Hilde Johnsen.
The Godfather of Rock Music, Lou Reed, and the man who makes redwood embarassed by their own small roots, Van Morrison, both signed the pledge during a rock festival in Oslo, Norway (Norwegian Wood).
various ministers
Asma Jahanigr (UDHR HRD appeal case)
President Yasser Arafat and the Palestinian Minister of Justice
Presidentiables Mirriam Santaigo, Manuel Morato, Raul Roco and Lito Osmena
Senator Marcelo B. Fernan; Deputy Speaker Hernando B. Perez of the house of the Representatives; in collaboration with Philseti-organization for East Timor Solidairty in the Philippines, Initiatives for International Dialogue and Philippine Alliance for Human Rights Advocates.
Nobel Peace Price Winner Lech Walesa
President of Poland Aleksander Kwasniewski - recent President of the Republic of Poland
Prime Minister Jerzy Buzek
Speakers of both Chambers of Parliament: Maciej Plazynski (Seym) and Alicja Grzeskowiak (Senate)
Chairman of the Senate Human Rights Committee Zbigniew Romaszewski
Chairman of the Polish Pen Club Jacek Bochenski
The Ombudsman Prof.Adam Zielinski
Lord Mayor of Warsaw Marcin Swiecicki.
Presidente of Portugal, Jorge Sampaio
Alexander Nikitin (UDHR Human Rights Defender and one of the 28 appeal cases)
President Diouf
President Milan Kucan
President's wife Mrs. Stefka Kucan
Members of parliament Mrs. Darja Lavtizar-Baebler and Mrs. Polonca Dobrajc
Mayor of Ljubljana (Slovenia's capital), Mrs. Vika Potocnik
Head of the National Bureau on the Status of Women Vera Kozmik
President of the SILA (Slovenian Ladies Association) Mrs. Reina Poglajen de-Wit
Suzana Dewa (founder of AI in slovenia, former chair of our section)
President of PEN (Slovenian writers association) Mr. Evald Flisar
Actress and singer Jerca Mrzel
Poet Boris A. Novak
National TV journalist Janez Cucek
TV host and professor Manca Kosir
Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Mr. Ludvik Horvat Archbishop Dr. Franc Rode
Singer Vlado Kreslin
South Africa
Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Graca Machel, Minister Dulah Omar, ANC MP and grandaughter of Mahatma Ghandi, Ela Ghandi, South African football team
There was a public celebration of National Human Rights Day in Durban on Sat 21st March.
South Korea
President Kim Dae-jung
Jaime Mayor Oreja, Secretary of the Interior
Manuel García û Castellón y García û Lomas, Magistrate of the National Audience
Baltasar Garzón Real, Magistrate of the National Audience
José Antonio Martín Pallín, Magistrate of the Supreme Court
Julio Anguita González, General Coordinator of United Left (Izquierda Unida) political party
Joaquín Almunia Amann, Secretary General of the Spanish Socialist Worker Party (Partido Socialista Obrero Español)

Members of European Parlament:
Carlos Carnero González
Jorge Salvador Hernández Mollar

Members of National Congress:
Francisco Javier Rupérez Rubio
Manuel Milian Mestre
Tomás Rodríguez Bolaños
Lluís M. Recorder i Miralles
Iñaki Mirena Anasagasti Olabeaga
Luis Yáñez-Barnuevo García
José Navas Amores
Manuel Alcaráz Ramos
José María Robles Fraga
Pilar Pulgar Fraile
Begoña Lasagabaster Olazábal
Antonio José García-Santesmases Martín-Tesorero

José Antonio Ardanza Garro, President of the Basque Country Government

Members of Basque Country Parlament::
Joseba Andoni Leizaola Azpiazu (President)
Iñigo Urkullu Renteria
Belén Greaves Badillo
Mª Enriqueta Benito Bengoa
Jasone Irarragorri Viguera
Manuel R. Reyero Redondo
Joseba Andoni Aurrecoechea Bergara
Carlos Iturgaiz Angulo
Arnaldo Otegui Mondragón
Jone Goirizelaia Ordorika
María Carrera Aranberri
Jesús Mª Rodríguez Orrantia
Ignacio Mª Faustino Latierro Corta
Manuel Huertas Vicente
Eugenio D. Damboriena Osa
Txomín Aurrekoetxea Iza
José Antonio Rubalcaba Quintana
Francisco Javier Madrazo Lavin

Catalonian Parlament:
Domenech Sesmilo i Rius
Daniel Sirera i Bellés
Josep Lluis Carod-Rovira
Eva Mª Palau i Gil
Xavier Bosch i García
Xavier Guitart i Dómenec

José María Abrego de Lacy, Rector of the University of Duesto
Alejandro Martínez Charterina, President of the Duesto Forum, University of Duesto
Jaime Oraá, Director of the Institute of Human Rights of the University of Duesto
Fernando Mariño Menéndez, Carlos III University of Madrid
Carmen Lamarca, Carlos III University of Madrid
Carlos Fernández Liesa, Carlos III Univeristy of Madrid
Manuel Pérez González, Universidad Complutense of Madrid
Dieter Koniecki, Friedrich Ebert Foundation

Matilde Artes "Sacha", Victim of the Argentine dictatorship

Hernando Valencia Villa, European Representative of the Colombian Commission of Jurists
Luis Martín Mingarro, Dean of the College of Lawyers of Madrid
José A. Alonso Suárez, President, Judges for Democracy
Joan Garcés, LawyerAlejandro Teitelbaum, American Association of Jurists

Joan Clos i Matheu, Mayor of Barcelona
Juan Tapia, Director, Vanguardia (Catalonian Newspaper)
Xavier Trias i Vidal de Llobatera, Presidential Counsel, Catalonian government

Joaquín Triadó Vila-Abadal
Jose Ignacio Urenda Bariego
Agustí Solé
Josep Mª Soria i Barila

Prime Minister, Göran Persson
About 100 signatures from members of the Swedish Parliament
Flavio Cotti, President of the Confederation
Ruth Dreifuss, Swiss Interior Minister
Josef Estermann, Mayor of Zurich
The members of the Zurich choir of homosexuals (« schmaz »)
Samuel Zan, member of IEC
Erwin Schumann, dancer
Franz Hohler, writer and comedian
Asma Jahangir, human rights defender, Pakistan, Dr.iur.h.c. University of St. Gallen
Jetsum Pema, sister of the Dalaï Lama
Chiara Simoneschi-Cortesi, President of the Government of the Canton
Ticino and Chairwoman of the Federal Commission for Women's issues
Mario Botta, well-known architect
President Lee Tung-Hui, Minister for Foreign Affairs Jason C. Hu, National Security Council Secretary General Huang Kun-Hui, National Security Council Secretary general, King Mou-Shih; Mayor, Taipei City Chen Shuai-bian; Mayor, Kaohsiung City, Wu Dung-yi; Former AI Prisoners of Conscience Bo Yang, Chen Chi, Annette Lu
The Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, the Hon. Bakari Mwapachu; followed by Ministers, Members of Parliament, diplomats, leaders of other organisations. Hon. Bakari Mwapachu (Minister of Justice and Constitution Affairs); Hon. Frederick Sumaye (The Prime Minister); Dr. Rose Migiro (SUWATA); Justice Elton Singini (Chairperson HRC Malawi); Dr. N. Barney Pityana (SAHRC Chairperson); Hon. Sophie Simba (MP); Justice James Mwalusanya (HR Activist); Hon. Tabitha Siwale (MP); Justice R. H. Kisanga (Tanzania Court of Appeal); Hon. Fatma Maghimbi (MP); Chief Justice Francis (Chief Justice of Tanzania).
H.E. Mr. Khun Chuan Leekpai - Prime Minister
Mr. Khun Anand Panyarachun - Ex-Prime Minister
Mr Khun Chawalit Yongchaiyudh - Ex Prime Minister
Mr. Suthat Nguenmuen - Minister of Justice
Dr. Surin Pisuwan - Minister of Foreign Affairs
KhunYing Supatra Massadit - Minister of Prime Minister's office
Mr. Abhisit Vejjajiva - Minister of Prime Minister's office
Mr. Meechai Ruchuphan - President of the Senate
Mr Khun Wan Mohamad Nor Natha - Speaker of the Parliament
and other members of parliament and senators
His Excellency, the Ambassador of Yemen
President Museveni
United Kingdom
M.P.s/ Political Figures
Prime Minister, Tony Blair MP
Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook
Home Secretary, Jack Straw MP
Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Mo Mowlam MP
Minister of State, FCO, Tony Lloyd MP
Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Education, Estelle Morris MP
Under Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Lord Alf Dubbs
Lord Avebury, Chair Parliamentary Human Rights Group
Don Foster MP, Liberal Democrat Spokesman for Education
Jenny Tongue MP, Liberal Democrat
Spokesperson for Foreign affairs, Defence and Europe Charles Kennedy MP,
Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Rural Affairs Lord David Steele,
Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader in House of Lords Lord Russell Johnstone,
Leader of ELDR group in Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly Nick Ainger MP, Labour.
PPS to Ron Davies MP, Secretary of State for Wales
Richard Allan MP, Liberal Democrat
Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Community Relations and Urban Affairs David Amess MP, Conservative
John Austin MP, Labour
Opposition Front Bench Spokesman at the Treasury Peter Bottomley MP, Conservative
John Monks, General Secretary TUC
Jonathan Baume General Secretary Association of First Division Civil Servants (FDA)
Tony Burke Deputy General Secretary, Graphical, Paper and Media Union (GPMU)
Tony Cooper General Secretary, Engineers and Managers Association (EMA)
Donna Covey Food and Leisure National Officer, General Municipal Board (GMB)
John Edmonds General Secretary, General Municipal Board (GMB)
Penny Holloway President, Association of University Teachers (AUT)
Joe Marino General Secretary, Bankers, Food and Allied Workers Union( BFAWU)
Helen McGrath General President, National Union of Knitwear, Footwear and Apparel Trades (KFAT)
Bill Morley Vice President, National Association of School Masters Union of Women Teachers (NASUWT)
Jocelyn Prudence Joint Director of Ind.Rel.Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP)
Barry Reamsbottom Joint General Secretary, Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS)
John Sheldon Joint General Secretary, Public and Commercial Services Union ( PCS)
Steve Sinnott Deputy General Secretary, National Union Teachers (NUT)
Ed Sweeney General Secretary, Banking,Insurance and Finance Union (BIFU)
Warren Town Deputy General Secretary, Society of Radiographers (SOR)

Celebs/Actors/ POP
Zoe Ball, Children's TV presenter and Radio 1 presenter
Birmingham Symphony Orchestra
Susie Blake, actress
Kelle Bryan, singer (from pop band Eternal)
Nick Cave, singer ( Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds!)
Tom Conti, actor
D-Influence, music
DJ Punk Rock
Gabrielle, singer
Alistair MacGowan, comedian and actor
Shane McGowan
Jill Morrell
Olive ( a pop band)
Vanessa Redgrave, actress
Jimmy Sommerville, singer
Janet Suzman, actress
Tanita Tikaram, singer

Lord Melvyn Bragg, Presenter
Robert Fisk , The Independent
Martyn Gregory , Documentary Maker
Lindsey Hilsun, C4
Michael Ignatieff , Writer/Journalist
Helen Johnston , Editor Marie Claire
Harold Pinter, writer
Gaby Rado, C4
John Sweeney , The Observer
Alice Walker, writer
Faye Weldon, writer

Human Rights Defenders
Demet Demir, Turkish former POC
Bertha Oliva de Nativi (now Guiffaro), Honduran Human Rights Defender (AIUK AGM)v Dana Tep, survivor of the Cambodian Killing fields (AIUK AGM)
Salima Ghezali, Algerian Human Rights defender and journalist
Owen Wiwa

Andy Cole; Charlton Athletic FC; Sunderland FC
Los 9 grupos nacionales de rock and roll más importantes, Monalisa, La Abuela Coca, Los Taidores, Plátano Macho, Peyote Asesino, La Tabaré River Rock Band, La Trampa, Trotsky Vengarán y Los Buitres
José D´Elía, Presidente honorario de la Central Nacional de Trabajadores
Tibor Sulik, Comisionado para el Cono Sur de CLADEHLT
Jorge Zabalza, integrante de la Junta Departamental de Montevideo
Imilce Viñas, actress.
FUTI (federación uruguauya de teatros independientes).
Facultad de, Sicología, Humanidades, Ciencias Sociales, Química, Veterinaria, Música y Derecho.
FEEUU (federación de estudiantes universitarios del Uruguay)
LGTTB (omunidad lésbico, gay, travesty, transexuales y bisexuales)
Partido Político Nuevo Espacio, firmaron su senador, diputados y mesa ejecutiva.
President Bill Clinton/ Harry Belafonte, Civil Rights Activist, Entertainer/ Michael Stipe, Rock Band REM/ Judith Jamison, Artistic Director for the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater/ Mario Cuomo, former Governor of New York/ Bette Bao Lord, Author/ Alanis Morrisette, singer songwriter/ Gabriel Byrne, Actor/ Sheryl Crow, singer-songwriter/ Ray Liotta, Actor/ Jody Williams, Nobel Peace Price Laureate 1997/ Most Rev. Leonard Olivier, Auxilary Bishop of Washington/ Maria Papas, Cook County Board Commisioner, Chicago/ Governor Tony Knowles, Alaska/ Governor Tom Carper made December 10 proclamation, Delaware/ Charles Baridorn Wiwa, nephew of Ken Saro Wiwa/ John Anslem Miller, President of National Union of Ogoni Students/ Janai Orina, Human rights Defender, Kenya/ Bing Zhang, daughter of Xian Ling former prisoner of conscience/ Monsisignor William Kane, Maryland/ Rep. Ellen Story, Massachusetts State Representative/ Michael Dukakis, former Massachussets Governor and presidential candidate, now professor at UCLA/ Bruce Mast, Mayor of Albany CA/ Patrick Stewart, actor and human rights activist/ Mayor Willie Brown, mayor of San Francisco/ Sean Penn, Director and Actor/ Apo Shu, Conductor of the Women's Philharmonic Orchestra/ Salima Ghezali, Newspaper Editor, Algeria/ Alicia Kozameh, Poet and former POC from Argentina/ photographer Phil Borges/ Actors Richard Gere, Peter Harton/ Muhammad Ali and Lonnie Ali (his wife)/ Harrison Ford (actor)/ Melissa Mathison (screenwriter "Kundun")/ Julia Roberts (actor)/ Matthew Modine (actor)/ Mike Wallace (news anchor/60 minutes)/ Harry Belafonte (for the second time!)/ Natalie Cole (singer)/ Patrick Stewart (actor)/ Kenneth Cole (designer)/ Kerry Kennedy Cuomo (daughter of Robert F. Kennedy)/ Harry Wu (Chinese human rights activist)/ Lodi Gyari (Special Envoy of His Holiness the Dalai Lama)/ Waris Dirie (model and UN Special Ambassador for campaign to end FGM)/ Wes Craven (producer/director/writer)/ members of Sweet Honey In The Rock
President Rafael Caldera and ministers

amnesty international australia