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Lessons and Activities

The following lessons and activities have been selected
from the Amnesty International USA Human Rights Education
Resource Notebooks. Tables of contents and resource lists
from all of the Notebooks will be posted in the near future.

Title Notebook Grade Level
Live Human Rights
Teaching Young Children
Preschool - 2
Martin Luther King: From Civil Rights to Human Rights
Youth - Adult
Teaching About Conscience Through Literature
HS - Adult
What Must be Done to Achieve Equality
Gay and Lesbian HS - Adult
Human Rights in the News
UDHR Grade 5 - Adult
Once in His Life...Remembered Earth
Indigenous Peoples
Grade 5 - Adult
Pastimes and Games of Native Peoples...
Indigenous Peoples All levels
What Does a Child Need?
Children's Rights All levels
Children's Rights Here and Now
Children's Rights
Grade 5 - Adult
Discovering the UDHR
Intro/Middle School Middle School
Rights Around the World
Intro/Middle School Middle School
"Regular English" Version of the UDHR
Intro/Middle School Middle School